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STBA Oiling patterns

Did you know that a 16lb bowling ball can hit the lane with a force of over 2000lb per square inch? Just think of the amount of friction there would be between the ball and the lane. That is the main reason oil is placed on the lanes, to protect them from all the wear and tear that would be caused. This oil can be placed on the lanes in different ways, which are known as "oiling patterns".

  STBA Flat Oil   STBA Block Oil   STBA Recerse Block   STBA Christmas Tree  

Flat Oil
Flat oil is simple, it is an equal amount of oil across the entire width of the lane.

A block pattern is very simple. It is where there is more oil in the middle of the lane, with less on the outside boards. This can also be known as a "wall", where a wall of friction is created on the outside boards. For a hook bowler this is usually a very high scoring pattern. The hook bowler will place their ball on the lane where there is oil, angling it out to the edge boards where the friction increases and allows the ball to "turn over" and hook into the pins (hopefully into the pocket).

Reverse Block
A reverse block is exactly how it sounds, it is where there is more oil on the outside boards and less in the middle part of the lane. A reverse block is usually created by straight bowlers playing down the middle of the lane and "stripping" or "drying" out the oil. It is a very hard condition to play on and every hook bowler's nightmare.

Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree condition is commonly thought to be one of the fairest possible competition conditions. The oil starts at each side of the lane and goes into a point further down the lane, creating a triangle resembling a Christmas tree. This condition caters for all styles. It allows the big hook bowler or cranker to move deep into the middle of the lane and swing the ball out to the edge of the lane where there will be more friction. At the same time, this condition allows a lesser hook bowler or stroker to play up the edge of the lane.


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