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STBA Bowlers Profile ......

Rashid Ali


Rashid Ali





Date of Birth


Place of Birth


Years in bowling


Why in the sport


Most memorable moment


Most influential person


Bowling Idol




High Game


 No. of Perfect Games


High 3 Games


High 6 Games


Achievement 10

 WINNER-3rd Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed  TBC 2011

Achievement 9

 WINNER-  5th National TBC 2010

Achievement 8


Achievement 7


Achievement 6


Achievement 5


Achievement 4


Achievement 3


Achievement 2


Achievement 1


Other Achievements









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After reviewing your concept paper "Cultural Sports - Icon of Karachi" I feel extremely glad that organization like you are anxious enough for changing the environment of Karachi with is getting exhausted and bewildered day by day in to peaceful and attractive way. Anxious enough to become part of of your concept by any means.
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