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Romis Ali, Senior Director General Projects & Events in International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and one of the founders of MUAR Events International, has wide range of experience of diverse sectors. His creative and inquisitive nature opened up multiple avenues to testify his skills and explore innovative ways leading to success and benefits of parent outfit. He always remained committed in search of a matching environment and sector which could make use of his abilities to the optimum level.

Author of  Concept Cultural Sports as iCON of Karachi  and The Event Management Methodology MUAR  & A refined Event Manager ,Concept writer & Interior Decorator worked his way through an array of design and management positions in various innovative projects relating Narcotics, IT consultancy, Venue Security Management, Event Analyst. He remained attached with high profile sensitive outfit for couple of years and produced ever remembered results.
His devotion and dedication to the profession and work performance with various national and multinational companies made him identical in the corporate community. A known figure in quality design and management, whose experience is spread over years, remained in close association with NARC International – Karachi, ORBIT Consultancy – Karachi, Pakistan Rangers and List of Institutions / Management firms and still working with them as standing consultant. His experience, active involvement in projects has always supported him to develop efficient team which played a key role in his success, enhance his market credibility and proved fruitful for consignee.

His love to work under challenging environments and find the best possible solution to the assignments guided him to excel in Event Management & Production sector which was fitting to his nature. He joined hands with one of his close friend, identical to his nature, and formed MUAR Events International to benefit corporate sector. This was best suited field where he could utilize his skills and explore his hidden abilities to the optimal.

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After reviewing your concept paper "Cultural Sports - Icon of Karachi" I feel extremely glad that organization like you are anxious enough for changing the environment of Karachi with is getting exhausted and bewildered day by day in to peaceful and attractive way. Anxious enough to become part of of your concept by any means.
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