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STBA Membership

Every Bowler Should Belong to STBA

To become a member of the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation (PTBF), you need to first join any of the Tenpin Bowling Associations

Membership Requirements   

  •  Membership is open to all permanent and non-permanent resident. Preferably, join an association nearest to where you reside.

  • Membership fees varies from state to state. Generally, you need to pay a joining fee of between Rs: 1000/- to Rs 5000. Annual member fee is between Rs.5000/- to Rs10000/- and is renewable at the beginning of each year.

  • Please contact the respective associations for application forms. You can also make enquiries at bowling centers in the capital cities of the states

  • All the state associations are affiliated to PTBF and once you become a member of any of the state, you are automatically a member of PTBF

Membership Benefits

  • You are eligible to participate in any of the sanctioned tournaments organized by the state associations or by PTBF. These include the Ranking Tournament, State Open Championships, the Pakistan International Open, the National Closed, and any championships organized by bowling centre.

  • You are also entitled to compete in any of the open selections which are conducted by the state associations to select bowlers to represent the state in any of the championships held locally or overseas. Selections of such nature are entirely up to the state association and may not be offered or conducted

  • You are entitled to attend annual general meetings organized by the state associations. You are also eligible to be nominated and elected as an office bearer (committee member) of the state associations.

  • Once you are elected an office bearer, depending on the state tenpin bowling association constitutions, you are also entitled to be nominated as a councilor to the national body, the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation. Alternatively, you may also be nominated by your state association to be a delegate to PTBF's Annual General Meeting, where you can also be elected as a council member.

  • Once you are a council member of the national body, depending on your commitment to serve PTBF, you may also be elected or appointed as main office bearers and to hold greater responsibility such as Vice President, Hon. Treasurer etc.

Bowlers' Averages

Once you compete in any of the sanctioned tournaments, your scores are being maintained by PTBF and your average will be tabulated and published yearly.

This average will allow us to grade you and you can compete in championships according to this grade. The grades are as follows:








196 and above


186 and above


195 and below


185 and below

Members who participate in championships have their averages listed here.

Why should I Join?
As with most sports a registration or playing fee is paid to the local club or association and a small part of this is paid to the national/provincial body as running costs for that sport.

How do I Join?
STBA has a sponsorship agreement with many tenpin bowling centers throughout Sindh/karachi. These centers pay an annual sponsorship fee to STBA. Part of this agreement entitles all league bowlers in those centres to STBA membership.

What do I Receive?
Bowlers receive the following benefits from joining STBA:
*  Membership to the National Body of your chosen sport;
*  Eligible to play in Sanctioned Tournaments;
*  Knowledge that playing conditions are up to International Standards;
*  Access to vast information relating to Tenpin Bowling in Pakistan through the PTBF/ STBA website;
*  Access to coaching.

Where does my money go?
Membership fees and money collected from sponsor centers contributes to the voluntary running of STBA and is used in the following areas:
*  Promotion of tenpin bowling as a sport;
*  Running costs of the national/provincial body;
*  Development of the sport from grass roots up;
* Development of coaching programs;
* Development of effective lines of communication for everyone;
* Conducting of National tournaments open to bowlers of all age groups and skill levels

Membership applications are available at our participating centers, application and payment should be made direct to that centre.

Thender Pin  

Click on the Join up button to apply for membership.

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