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S# Player Name PTBF / STBA Reg No.
1 Irfan Sheikh PTBF-STBA-P-0044
2 Kamran Mughal PTBF-STBA-P-0027
3 Shabbir Lashkarwala PTBF-STBA-P-0010
4 Naseem Ahmed Qurashi PTBF-STBA-P-0006
5 Aleem Agha PTBF-STBA-G-0001
6 Khawaja Ahmed Mustaqeen PTBF-STBA-P-0009
7 Asghar Rangoonwala PTBF-STBA-P-0047
8 Hasnain Rangoonwala PTBF-STBA-P-0049
9 Waleed Mukhtar PTBF-STBA-P-0072
10 Zain Ansari  
11 Tariq Pervez PTBF-STBA-P-0073
12 Khalid Mirza  
13 Qasim Saeed
14 Ali Mohsin PTBF-STBA-P-0075
15 Abid Ahmed PTBF-STBA-P-0035
16 Rameez Mohammad  
17 Robert Shangara PTBF-STBA-P-0034
18 Sajjad Shah  
19 Owais Siddiqui PTBF-STBA-P-0067
20 M S Abrar PTBF-STBA-P-0037
21 Muhammad Rizwan
22 Ahmer Abbas Saldera PTBF-STBA-P-0054
23 Moammad Junaid PTBF-STBA-P-0053
24 Rehan Nisar PTBF-STBA-P-0107
25 Faizan Farrukh PTBF-STBA-P-0070
26 Farhan Riaz PTBF-STBA-P-0036
27 Faizan Tariq PTBF-STBA-P-0052
28 Yasir Manzoor PTBF-STBA-P-0026
29 Farhaj Ahmed PTBF-STBA-P-0025
30 Shahjahan Bhatti PTBF-STBA-P-0039
31 Fahad Khan
32 Anum Agha  
33 Rizwan Ilyas PTBF-STBA-P-0061
34 Osama Ayub PTBF-STBA-P-0068
35 Ahsan Iqbal PTBF-STBA-P-0069
36 Mohammad Fazil  



World Exclusive Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation Joint Secretary Romis Ali talks tenpin




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After reviewing your concept paper "Cultural Sports - Icon of Karachi" I feel extremely glad that organization like you are anxious enough for changing the environment of Karachi with is getting exhausted and bewildered day by day in to peaceful and attractive way. Anxious enough to become part of of your concept by any means.
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