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STBA Ramadan Bowling Tournament 2012
is organized by Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association (STBA) and under auspices of Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation PTBF playing rules and regulations shall apply. This tournament is a ranking tournament in Sindh toward the PTBF


  • 17th to 18th July 2012
  • Royal Rodale Club

  • 11 pm to  Sehri


  • This Tournament is open to all Sindh Residents who are members of Clubs affiliated to the STBA and whose membership is current for the duration of the Tournament.
  • Only registered players with S.T.B.A. will be eligible to participate
  • It is the bowler’s responsibility to check the status of qualification.


  • Each bowler is required to show a 2011 TBA Membership Registration
  • Card or proof of payment, before bowling. Any team with a non-registered bowler will be disqualified.
  • New registrations accepted prior to qualifying bowling.


  • Open 22nd July.2012–     Closes 2300 Hrs 28th July.2012


  • In case of even score in short listing of last qualifying player the last 2 players will play 2 single games each to determine the qualified player for that session shortlisted irrespective of high score
    • no practice game after tournament start time will be allowed on lanes allocated for tournament.

    • no practice game after tournament start time will be allowed on lanes allocated for tournament.

    • any player who wishes to play his 1st round tournament game will be allowed to play from

    • lane will allocated by draw and will move after each game right to left.

    • no person is allowed to sit on players game chairs during tournament start

    • no smoking is allowed within bowling area during tournament games.

    • Lanes sensors will be ON

    • Player will earn warning on Over stepping by deliberate action

    • After two such warnings, the score will termed as foul.


    • Doubles Team comprised of 02 Bowlers
    • 10th july from 7pm to 11pm duly attested by royal rodale and stba nominee.




Round 1  2 Games / Player  make Pairs Higest / Lowest
Round 2  2 Games / player / team   (Cumulative score of Round 1 & 2)
Round 3 1 Games / player  Top 8 Play Knock-out
FINAL  1 Games / player Step Ladder

Note: cummulitave Score of Round 1 & Round 2 will determine Posiotion for Final


  • STBA members entry Fee for PKR 1,000/ Player- (for Doubles)
  • New player’s entry Fee PKR 3,000/ / Player  (for Doubles)
    2,500 worth STBA Membership for 01 year).
  • Only registered members with S.T.B.A. will be eligible to participate,


Prizes in the form of trophies etc will be presented to the winners of the various categories.



Runners up










All Payers are to CHECK-IN AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE SCHEDULED TIME FOR THE GAMES; failing which he/she will be disqualified and the respective reserve will be called. (Maximum 3 announcements per bowler @ 1 minute per call). The clock in the bowling center will be the official Clock..


The onus is on the bowlers to ensure that all bowling ball/s used during the tournament are verified for correctness of weight and other specifications conforming to WTBA General Playing Rules & Regulations. If in doubt, the ball/s may be verified by the Tournament Technical Committee.


Slow bowling is not allowed and bowlers must bowl when it is their turn to do so.


  • Bowlers are required to verify and sign the score sheet after bowling. After the scores have been recorded, that cannot be changed unless there is an obvious error in recording or calculation. The Tournament Official immediately upon discovery shall correct obvious errors.
  • Each day score chart will be displayed on board duly attested by players and can be checked (if disputed) by any player from printed score sheet
  • In the Event of any interruptions caused by power failure or any other logical reason, the following procedure shall be followed:
    1. Any part of a game that cannot be recalled will be re-bowled from the first frame.
    2. If more than one game cannot be recalled, the series will be declared null and void and a fresh series be rescheduled
    3. If only one frame is missing, the bowler shall continue from the last frame bowled.


  • Bowlers are required to be appropriately dressed for the bowling.
  • Male bowlers are required to wear 3rd SSB Ranking Bowling Tournament T-shirt, long pants and proper bowling shoes.
  • Female bowlers will Shalwar Kamez or long pants with Championship T-shirt, and proper bowling shoes.
  • If, in the opinion of the Championship Committee, a bowler is not appropriately dressed, he/she may not be permitted to bowl. In any event of television coverage for the respective Finals, it is the prerogative of the Championship Manager to nominate/stipulate the attire to be worn.


Protest involving eligibility or general playing rules must be submitted in writing to the Technical Committee not later than 24 hours after the game in which the infraction occurred or before prize presentation, whichever is the sooner. If no written protest is filed, prior to the expiry period as stated above, the game or games shall stand as bowled. Each protest under this rule shall not be construed to cover a similar or previous violation.


  • The Championship Committee, whose decision shall be governed by WTBA General Rules & Regulations, shall decide any matter arising, which is not covered in these Rules & Regulations. Such a decision shall be final, subject to an appeal to be made in writing to Sindh Tenpin Bowling Association General Council within 24 hours of the decision of the Championship Committee.

We look forward to your reply. See you in 13th Sindh Games 2010!

For more information, download the Rules and Regulations, To submit your entries, download the Form here.

World Exclusive Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation Joint Secretary Romis Ali talks tenpin
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